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Fast Effective Relief from Sea Sickness

ReliefBand® is wearable tech for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with Travel or Motion Sickness.

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Nothing Spoils A Trip More Than Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness affects up to a third of the population.1 Its a complex process triggered by biological and physical pathways and occurs when the body is moving in different directions or under conditions where visual contact with the actual outside horizon is disoriented.

The symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, malaise and nausea, which may progress to vomiting, can occur before (anticipatory), or after an activity begins and can linger for hours or days. Reliefband puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to control symptoms without drugs, without delay.

Without Drugs, Without Delay

Fast And Effective Relief

Reliefband works within minutes, without the side effects or drug interactions of medications.

Take Care, Take Control

Convenient & Adjustable

You can turn Reliefband on and off, or up and down in 5 settings to suit your individual needs.

Start Feeling Better Immediately

Clinically Proven – Doctor Recommended

Just slip it on your wrist, adjust the intensity to suit your individual needs and within minutes you’ll be feeling yourself again.

Boating with Confidence

Benefit ReliefBand® RX or OTC drugs
No Drowsiness Yes No
No Drug-Like Side Effects Yes No
Fast Acting Yes No
Does Not Interfere With Food & Drink Yes No
Wearable Technology Yes No
Turn On/Off Before or After Symptoms Begin Yes No
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Clinically Proven

Recommended by Doctors

Reliefband allows you to travel with confidence because it is the safe and highly effective way to quickly relieve the discomfort and embarrassment of nausea and vomiting without the drowsiness, side effects or drug interactions of medications. Reliefband puts you back in control – you can turn it up and down to suit your specific needs or turn it on only when you need it.

Doctors have been using Reliefband’s technology for many years to treat the nausea and vomiting that occurs in the clinical setting in hospitals. Reliefband devices have been subject to the rigors of numerous clinical trials and regulatory authorities and approved by travelers everywhere.

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A proprietary pulse is generated from the underside of the device that stimulates the median nerve.

The generated signals travel to the body’s central nervous system and the higher emetic center of the brain.

The signals modulate the neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, via the vagus nerve, restoring normal gastric rhythm and relieving nausea.5,6


Now All Your Friends And Family Can Enjoy Your Boat Too

“Anyone who’s been seasick knows that even the slightest discomfort can ruin an entire day of your trip. It may sound cliché, but when we travel , we are never going to leave home without our ReliefBands again!! Thank you so very much for an INCREDIBLE AND INCOMPARABLE PRODUCT!”
~ M.W.

Keep a couple onboard, just in case

Save $30

Buy the Twin Pack for just $149.98

MRSP For 2 x Reliefband = $179.98

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Sy Kraft (B.A.). Medical News Today. Jan 15, 2010

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